Voice Over Revision A to power Verizon Wireless' iPhone?

Will the iPhone come out for Verizon Wireless? It’s the question that so many of the service’s subscribers would like to see answered definitively. This news story, unfortunately, won’t do that. What it will do, however, is fan the flames of the rumor fire. The latest is that the phone would work with Voice Over Revision A. In English that means the phone would be able to handle both voice and data connections simultaneously.

As you know, CDMA phones cannot handle both at the same time—if you’re browsing the Web on your Droid or Incredible and a call comes in, your data connection drops off in order to accommodate the incoming voice. GSM has no such issues.

This could sorta be seen as a stopgap move, in between the current vanilla CDMA implementation and LTE, or Voice Over LTE more specifically.

Of course, the big rumor is still that CDMA iPhones will be massed produced beginning in August in September.

The very moment, if it ever happens, that Verizon Wireless announces availability of the iPhone, be sure to check AT&T stock. That should be fun (unless you’re a shareholder).