Disembodied voice asks: Who will be the ultimate gamer (on season 2 of 'WCG Ultimate Gamer')?

The most shocking thing about the news that there will be a second season of “WCG Ultimate Gamer” on SyFy is that there was ever a first season. Could have fooled me. But alas, it has been picked up for another year. This calls for a celebration of some sort. Wee!

Yes, the network now best known for carrying WWE SmackDown (well, starting this fall) will air eight episodes of “WCG Ultimate Gamer” beginning this August. It sounds like the typical reality show: there’s a house, there’s people in the house who may or may not get on with each other, and they solve their differences by [filling in the blank]. The blank being filled in here is that they’re all gamers. Presumably they’ll solve conflicts by playing best of 10 in Super Street Fighter IV. I mean, that’s how I’d run the show; I don’t know if that’s actually what happens.

Says the fancy press release:

The challenges in “WCG Ultimate Gamer” include dramatic video game battles using Samsung’s leading edge technology and real-life scenarios inspired by best-selling games. Over eight weeks, the next Ultimate Gamer will need to demonstrate top-notch skills while excelling under the pressure of head-to-head elimination rounds and successfully navigating the drama and twists of this unique reality TV show.

During the first season, contestants faced large-scale real-life challenges that took them beyond the game. For example, in the episode featuring the game Rock Band, the gamers had to form a band, create a look, learn to play a song by The Donnas, and then perform it using real instruments in front of a live audience as the band judged their performance.

We all know that the best reality show in history was “Bug Juice” on the Disney Channel. Every other show feels so empty compared to the drama of the one team against the other team. (I actually did like that show, so if that came off negatively, well, it wasn’t supposed to.)

The winner of the show gets $100,000. That’s probably pre-tax, though, so…

Oh, and starting today you can visit the show’s Web site and vote for who you want to be the twelfth contestant. They have 11 set in stone, and it’s your job to pick number 12. That’s the young lady up there who’s in the lead as of 1:30pm ET.

Is there an age limit to this show? I don’t know if I’m as good at Rock Band as those whiz kids, but Man Alive would I be annoying. I’m cackling at the idea as I type these words. MWAHHHHAAHHH~!