Video: WinPho 7 Transitions and 3D prowess shown in emulator

This is just a quick one, but I wanted to show you guys n gals the pretty transitions that are being worked into WinPho 7.

Although we’ve already had a quick peek at the interface, Mobility Digest have chopped out the boring bits from a recent (45 minute) video of a Channel 9 presentation, to present the juicy, 2-minute, emulator-driven, let’s-get-a-quick-taste-of-WinPho-7-apps video, below.

The video also demos the 3D power of WinPho 7, but the bit that’s really interesting is the first half, which shows off the transitions used in the Associated Press app.

But don’t take my word for it, because if the old clichĂ© (and my calculations) are correct, there are the equivalent of almost a million of my words in the video, below.

Look at that. So purdy.

[via WM Power User]