Hands-on with the WiFiSync app

WiFiSync should have existed a long time ago. Created by Greg Hughes, it uses two programs – desktop app and an iPhone app – to sync your iPhone wirelessly. I was able to sync music, movies, and info quickly and easy, just by pressing “Sync” in iTunes.

The app costs $9.99 on the Cydia store. The Cydia Store appears when you jailbreak your phone and it’s sort of a Bizarro App Store unsanctioned by Apple.

One problem: it does not seem to connect to your photo application so you can’t import photos without connecting the cable. Otherwise, everything iTunes does is mimicked wirelessly.

You can get more info right here but pirates take note:

A warning about pirated copies of Wi-Fi Sync: the app contains a variety of time delayed anti-piracy measures. Steal at your own risk; make sure your iTunes library is backed up. Legit paying customers are not affected by these measures.