MU Interactive Table: You know, for kids

mü project demo from mü project on Vimeo.

So this thing, called MU, is a “multi-media installation” that shows kids some kind of music and fairy tale thing that teaches them “hearing, musical, and creation.” Now kids need computers. Amen. But what they don’t need is computers teaching them “hearing, musical, and creation.” They “hear” every day, they can play music with a bucket and a stick, and they can create with crayons. They don’t need computers.

Thankfully, stuff like this will end up in a museum somewhere where it slowly but surely gains an accretion of PB&J smearings and grease. Maybe the next generation will totally be crazy time when it comes to being able to learn from screens, but when my grade school teachers tried it with TV and then my son’s teachers tried it with PCs, they ended up with kids who thing PBS is a games manufacturer.