The Lenovo Q nettop series gets a makeover, should look at home under your HDTV

Lenovo’s previous nettop entry was just your standard Mac Mini-clone, encased in a drab black box. But the just-announced Q150 shouldn’t have any issues standing out from the crowd. Forget about the sleek exterior, it’s the included bitch’n Lenovo wireless keyboard/mouse that will please the masses [of nerds].

An Intel Atom D510 powers the little nettop with an Intel ION 512MB GPU helping push out HD videos. 2GB of RAM and a 250GB, 5400 RPM drive are also included. That should be enough juice to power through Hulu, Netflix, and just about any type of downloaded video. Good thing, too, because this thing is meant to live in your livingroom. The wireless keyboard/mouse says so and the HDMI port and S/PDIF-out agrees.

The Q150 should drop in early June with an entry price of $249.