Hands-on with Lenovo's cavalcade of laptops and PCs

Lenovo’s new line-up is heavy on the all-in-ones but has a few surprises up its sleeve. I got a chance to look at most of the new line last week and came away extremely enthused by the twee Q150. From the press release:

If your idea of fun is tricking out your living room entertainment center, then the Lenovo IdeaCentre Q150 is the perfect solution. At just 0.82 inches wide and 6.7 inches high, the Q150 enhances the living room entertainment experience and can fit into just about any small space in the home. The Q150 is an affordable nettop PC that can be connected to a TV or monitor, or even mounted behind with the VESA bracket to create a virtual all-in-one. Featuring an optional NVIDIA® ION™ 512MB graphics processor, which delivers smooth Full HD (1080p) video via the onboard HDMI output, the IdeaCentre Q150 is a great way to enjoy Internet video in your living room. The IdeaCentre Q150 also features an optional multimedia remote with an integrated trackball mouse and mini keyboard to make it easy to multi-task between e-mails, Web browsing and video playback on a single device.

This little PC looks like it might give the value proposition of many streaming and DVR systems a run for their money.

Generally, however, you’re looking at a strong line-up of Lenovo laptops with nary a Thinkpad in sight. Lenovo is actually moving towards chiclet keys this year and they’re aiming for a more fashion conscious consumer with their trade dress. They’re also heavy on the all-in-ones, which I’m not so sure about. What do you guys thing about all-in-ones? Would you buy one instead of a TV or a standard PC?

Please enjoy the gallery and look for further Lenovo coverage tonight.