3D Playboy magazine presages end of civilization

I do wonder, years from now, what Future Man will think of human beings of the year 2010? Will he think we did the best we could, or will he look at things like 3D Playboy magazine and be like, “Yeah, we’re shocked the species survived as long as it did. Why didn’t, like, squirrels take over?”

So yeah, Playboy, which is somehow still around in the age of the Internet, will have a 3D issue that goes on sale on Friday. It comes with a pair of old school, blue-red 3D glasses, so, you know, you can stare at a model’s bosoms in “3D.”

Nice to see we’re putting our brain to good use.

The model who has been 3D-ified is Hope Dworaczyk, a 25-year-old American lass.