Apple refreshing the MacBook Air this week?

The Macbook Air needs some help. It’s woefully underpowered compared to every other ultraportable and its advertised 5 hour battery life is nothing special these days as the new MacBook Pros can rock-out twice as long. But just maybe Apple has something in store for the razer-thin notebook as soon as this week.

The rumor is anything but solid, with stating a “well-placed source” tipped them off about some new SKUs. But a single random source is certainly enough to get the Apple rumor mill grinding away.

Of course we can dream of an ULV Core i3 or Core i5 MacBook Air, but the 13-inch Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro seems to state a different story. It seems logical that if Apple was working working with those chips, we would have seen a slightly more powerful 13-inch MBP announced a few weeks back. Apple instead opted for battery life instead of power, and that’s what will probably happen with the MacBook Air as well. Hopefully the Apple Engineers worked on heat displacement, too, because when chugging along on processor-intensive loads, the Air puts out enough heat to roast marshmallows.