Handy guide for a little light vintage camera restoration

The charm of vintage cameras is easy to understand. Their metal build, satisfying shutter action, and funky old lenses make for a fun photography experience. What’s more, they can be bought for unbelievably low prices on eBay or at junk and antique shops. Unfortunately, they’re rarely in the best of shape, having likely been abandoned in a trunk for several years before being dragged out and sold at a garage sale. What to do?

If you’re prepared to take the thing apart (and why not, it only cost you a couple bucks), there are a few modifications and cleanup processes even the clumsiest among us can do. This instructable refers specifically to the Olympus the guy found, but the general instructions (and cautions) are applicable to many cameras from that era and others. As much as I like my old FTb, I’ve never liked the grip material, and some well-aged leather would really improve the shooting experience. And the viewfinder could certainly use a brush-down, too.