Gamer wins a cool million for pitching a perfect game in MLB2K10

Well here’s a happy story. So back in January, 2K Sports offered a million bucks to anyone who could pitch a perfect game in their new simulated baseball product, MLB 2K10. I bet some people thought it’d never happen, but I guarantee 2K considered that money lost as soon as they made the offer, because people are insane when it comes to this stuff. And sure enough, a couple months later, some Alabama-living Halo jockey made the magic happen. Who said gamers are lazy?

2K showed up to his house with a big-ass check and everything. A million bucks for some destitute gamer, who, incredibly, is doing the right thing and paying off his mortgage right off the bat.

If Valve showed up at my door with a check for playing a perfect game of TF2 (as well they should, since I’m the best medic this side of the sun), I’d probably blow it all on beef jerky.