With 'youth' unemployment on the rise, PathMotion launches career-minded jobs site

[UK] Does the UK really need another job hunting site? Apparently so, says PathMotion.

The Paris-based startup is targeting students and young professionals in the UK with its mix of career guidance and job vacancies. And considering that ‘youth’ unemployment in Britain is worryingly high, the site’s launch looks well timed, although it’s curious that a French company has chosen to launch this side of the Channel first.

PathMotion says it differs from traditional jobs boards such as Monster and CareerBuilder, which allow users to search vacancies based on job titles and require the candidate to know what they are looking for, by matching possible career paths via existing skills, experience and competencies to actual current job vacancies.

Job boards also don’t usually “contextualise” this information, says PathMotion, which instead provides tools to show how the candidate might progress next in their career. Perhaps one way to think of this aspect of the site is as a job recommendation engine.

For the job vacancy data itself, PathMotion is partnering with Indeed, although the startup is planning to develop its own recruiters section.

PathMotion is free to the end user, and the company plans to generate revenues by charging recruiters for job postings, company branding, and database access to PathMotion user profiles. They’ll also be able to screen users by their career goals and competencies, and “push job opportunities to targeted candidates.”

Another revenue stream is licensing fees from universities who are looking to provide their students with career guidance tools and “to leverage social networking to serve their students and alumni.” PathMotion hopes to announce the first such contract soon.

The company is currently Angel funded.