Surprise! The HTC Legend preps for landing on AT&T by way of the FCC

The Legends are coming! The Legends are coming!

I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for the HTC Legend. Sure, it’s not the most powerful piece of kit in HTC’s armory – but it’s made of friggin’ metal. You could give this phone to a bear for a few hours and have it come back mostly functioning. Can you imagine a world where bears have cell phones of their very own? That’s a world I’d want to live in.

Though I don’t believe they’ll sell to bears, it looks like AT&T might be selling the Legend before too long.

The cool cats over at Engadget just spotted the gem below:

“Cool. A sticker or a label or something with a bunch of numbers. Thanks for wasting my time, Greg.” you say.

Wait! Wait! There’s more to that sticker than meets the eye!

You see, that thing is the exact same shape as the label that comes on the HTC Legend. Furthermore, the model number shown is PB76110, whereas the original European Legend is just a few digits away, at PB76100. Furtherfurthermore, the documentation wrapped around this label says this thing comes packed with 850/1900Mhz WCDMA — making it a perfect candidate for AT&T.

(Perhaps) unfortunately, it also makes it a perfect candidate for use on a Rogers/Bell in Canada — and HTC might just be testing things over on our side of the border for the sake of traveler’s everywhere. That’s not all that common, though — so Legend-hopefuls can probably start sitting on the edge of their seat.