Symbian^3 Dev Tools Now Out of Beta. Go get 'em!

Image via EngadgetI know you’re peachy-keen to start devving for the new Symbian^3 platform.

“The what?” you ask, as if this is the first you’ve heard of the Symbian^3 Web Development Kit.

You’ve made a website before, haven’t you? Maybe you’re even a web developer? Well, aren’t you glad to know that the dev kit for Nokia’s latest-and-greatest OS uses your favourite languages: HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

You’ll be even happier to know that today Nokia removed that ugly “Beta” tag from the kit.

Yep, this baby is ready to roll. By learning just a few extra Javascript APIs, you’ll soon be able to make Symbian^3 applications that can access contacts, the accelerometer, the camera, and location, among other neat tricks.

If you’re hooked on the high-end features of the new Nokia N8, have been a Symbian follower since way back, or are just a curious fellow with a passion for web development, you should go check out the download page, here.

[via Engadget]