Video: Sanwa's power strip with integrated wattage meter

Japan-based accessory specialist Sanwa Supply hasn’t reinvented the wheel with their newest device [JP], but this power strip, which features an integrated wattage meter, doesn’t look like a bad idea. It basically helps you to keep track of the power consumption of any electronic device that’s connected to either one of its five outlets.

Sanwa says the main selling point is that the 700-TP1052DW is more compact than similar products currently out there. The power strip not only informs you which device sucks up how much power, but it also alerts you when things get critical through a buzz alarm. When power consumption goes over 1,500W, it cuts off the device in question automatically.

Sanwa is already selling the device, which measures 310 x 60 x 35mm, for $35. It’s Japan-only at this point, however.

Here’s a (very) short promo video: