Vectron Wave UFO is a tiny copter-drone for your kids

It ain’t that new, but this thing looks like fun. They call it “motion-controlled,” but unlike the (far more expensive) Parrot AR Drone, it doesn’t use a remote motion sensor. No, you control the Vectron by using your hand to change the way its thrust goes. The closer your hand to the bottom, the more resistance the rotors get, and it rises up to equalize the… well, just watch the video.

I imagine it runs through its six AA batteries pretty quickly, but there’s a lot of fun to be had before that happens. Although Dave just told me that he bought one and it’s not as fun as it looks. I say he is the one that is not fun. Anyone else have one of these?

Well, for $30 it’s not much of an investment. If nothing else you can DIY a little camera onto there and make it your very own remote camera.