Red Faction movie coming to a SyFy channel near you

PC gamers will remember the original Red Faction, and console gamers will remember its disappointing sequel. Then everybody will remember Red Faction: Guerrilla, its awesome threequel. Well, it looks like the franchise is expanding its tentacles (or rather, it is entangling its tentacles with SyFy’s) and going into the motion picture business. Sure, it’s just a made-for-TV movie right now, but it could turn into a series, and Red Faction is just the first of a big SyFy push into the games world.

SyFy and THQ are bosom buddies, and a new agreement between the two means that they’ll be sharing content — a Battlestar Galactica MMO here, a de Blob kid’s show there — and SyFy is relaunching its games section with a new focus:

Going forward, it will be a mix of games and properties that are advertiser-supported, those that are based on micro-transactions, subscriptions and virtual currency; there will be a lot of choices.

Micro-transactions and virtual currency, just what gamers love!

Here’s hoping the Red Faction movie will be decent, although story-telling wasn’t ever really the series’ focus. More blowing stuff up, I’d say. Makes for good movies too, I suppose.

[via DigitalTrends]