Lexar unveils new 32GB CF cards and CF reader

Lexar Media, a provider of memory products for digital media, recently announced the release of their Lexar Professional 600x and 300x 32GB CompactFlash cards as well as the Lexar Professional ExpressCard CompactFlash Reader. The new cards offer improved performance with a guaranteed minimum write speed of 90MB/s and 45MB/s for the 600x and 300x cards, respectively, when paired with an UDMA 6-enable device. The ExpressCard Reader is a portable CF card reader that fits into a PC or Mac ExpressCard slot and supports read/write speeds of up to 133MB/s.

These products will be targeting the professional photographer crowd as CF cards are currently more popular than SD cards with high end DSLR cameras. The 600x currently sells for $499.99 in Lexar’s online store while the 300x goes for $249.99.