Google warns about phony anti-virus software that infects you with malware

See? I can take scary looking slanted photos of Google, too

Google has warned THE INTERNET to be on the lookout for phony anti-virus software. The deal is that malicious software makers have started “hiding” malware inside software that purports to be anti-virus software. But it’s not anti-virus software!

Google says that 15 percent of all malware is hidden inside these fake anti-virus applications.

What’s most disappointing to me is that most (more than half) of these fake applications were delivered via advertisements. One, who clicks on ads? Two, how are you clicking ads that lead you to download tainted software? I don’t use AdBlock anymore, but I still cannot envision a situation when I’m searching for, I don’t know, “AVG,” then click an ad for anti-virus software.

For the zillionth time: use your common sense when surfing the Web. It doesn’t take too much effort to stay safe out there.