Video: Droid Incredible does multi-touch better than the Nexus One

Nexus One owners, you might want to take a seat for this one. You know the HTC Incredible? That phone that popped up out of no where, matched or surpassed all of the Nexus’ specs, and then killed off any chance of a Nexus One for Verizon? Now, you recall that unfixable issue that the Nexus One has with handling multi-touch input properly?

Yeah.. erm.. the Incredible doesn’t have that issue.

You see, the Nexus One uses a slightly aged touch sensor by Synaptics, called the ClearPad 2000. It wasn’t built to do all the crazy multi-touch stuff that HTC and Google finagled it into doing — hence the wonkiness exhibited when you start to really push the Nexus’ multitouch abilities to the edge. After the Nexus One, HTC has ditched the ClearPad 2000 in favor of a sensor built with multi-touch in mind: the Atmel maXTouch.

The Atmel is a pretty fancy piece of kit. It requires less power, responds faster, and can track as many fingers as you can fit on screen. The bad news? That doesn’t really help anyone with any multitouch-enabled, HTC-made handset that came before the Incredible.

On the upside, this really only affects the small handful of Android games that use multi-touch for more than pinching and zooming. For the very vast majority of use cases, the bug really shouldn’t be an issue.

[Video via AndroidCentral, Source: AndroidAndMe via EngadgetMobile]