Novatel MiFi 2372 rises from the ocean, stomps its way to Japan

I sort of love the MiFi. (What’s a Mifi? It’s a portable, battery-powered WiFi router that pulls data over a 3G connection.) If I had a box of candy for every time the MiFi got me out of a jam, I’d be.. well, I’d probably be crazy fat.

Good news, people of Japan! Now you have the opportunity to get crazy fat, too!

Today, Novatel is announcing that the MiFi is now available in Japan via Inter Communications, a big ol’ mobile tech retailer. Alas, it seems like this is a per-day rental deal only — and at about $17 USD per day, it’s not exactly cheap.

NTT DoCoMo MVNO a2network has also announced plans to carry the MiFi 2372 beginning sometime around the end of April, though pricing hasn’t been announced there yet. Lets hope it’s cheaper than 17 bucks a day, yeah?