Video: Time Magazine explains how 4Chan's moot came to dominate the Time 100 list

Time Magazine discovered last year the raw power of 4Chan. The site’s users took it upon themselves to bring founder moot to the top of the Time 100 list. One year later, Time has published a video explaining exactly what happened. Marblecake also the game.

Surely you remember the entire ordeal. Every year, Time puts together a list of the 100 most influential people on the planet. Politicians, businessmen, actors, athletes, and the like. The best of the best. 4Chan’s founder, moot, whose real name is Christopher Poole, was included on the list. But that wasn’t good enough for 4Chan’s members, who worked their Internet magic in shooting moot straight to the top.

Time’s editors eventually decided to include him in the final Top 100 list even if they were mistified by the whole 4Chan scene.

So, in this here video, Time explains how 4Chan was able to game the vote, propelling moot right to the top. It’s not all that complicated, and anybody who spends any amount of time on these types of sites and chat rooms would be familiar with the goings-on.

Excerpt photo: Slice of Sci-Fi