Video: The world's biggest yacht sets sail. It has lasers.

When you math types go to school and get your engineering degree, do you ever dream of working on something like the Eclipse? It’s the $1.2 billion yacht owned by Roman Abramovich (who also owns Chelsea FC), and it’s the biggest yacht ever to sail the open seas. It has lasers, people!

The lasers are part of an anti-paparazzi system—clearly Abramovich values his privacy. When the system detects the electronic sensors used in cameras, it shoots out a laser beam toward the camera, rendering it useless.

I have no idea, but would such a laser work against film cameras? Because I have an old Minolta and a bunch of film if someone would like to send me on a spying mission. “Look, Roman is playing Super Mario Galaxy on his crazy yacht!”

I guess when you have that kind of money you have to spend it on outrageous trinkets.