Sprout watch: eco-friendly but probably won't win any beauty contests

Lots of companies like to say they’ve made a “green” product. This ridiculous cardboard PC case comes to mind. But few actually do — usually it’s a matter of making their manuals and packaging a little smaller, using recycled plastic for this and that, but leaving all the toxic components and such in place. This Sprout watch from Armitron seems to be an actual green product, humble as it is. It’s not just a pretty face. To be honest, the face isn’t even pretty.

No, it’s kind of an ugly watch, I’m afraid — those wacky numerals and the bamboo next to the plastic really are kind of jarring. But in addition to the bamboo face, it’s got a corn resin case and bezel, an organic cotton strap, a mercury free battery, and a few other small concessions to Mother Earth. They claim 86% eco-friendly. Nice, but I’d rather step in front of a harpoon than strap this thing to my wrist.

Talk to the designers again and get back to us, Armitron, you’re on the right track.

[via Gizmag]