Sprint's EVO 4G Plans a Party For May 12

Sprint’s so-hot-it-burns EVO 4G is coming of age, and has decided to invite its besties out for a little party in New York City on May 12.

Just like it’s jealous WinMo-powered older brother, HD2, EVO 4G has decided to go with a movie theme for its party: the peeps are invited to come watch the fun-loving Prince of Persia play in the Sands of Time ahead of the Prince’s Memorial Day release.

EVO 4G’s proud uncle, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse, will also be there. A fun time for the whole family.

Sadly, there is still no word on when EVO 4G will be allowed out to play with the kids on the street, but you can sure as heck bet that as soon as we know, we’ll pass the message over to you toot-sweet.

[via Android Central]