Leaked: BlackBerry OS 6.0 screenshots and details

Man – has it been a good week for leaks, or what? It’s only Tuesday, and we’re already on to our second major info dump. This one might not be quite as big as yesterday’s leak seen around the world – but it’s still a doozy, especially if you’re a BlackBerry fan.

After a few months of radio silence and not a whole lot to go off of beyond concept imagery, the first rock solid screenshots and details of BlackBerry OS 6.0 are here.

The details come by way of the BoyGenius, who finagled them through an “AT&T connect”.

What you should know:

  • RIM’s purchase of Torch Mobile(makers of the popular Iris browser for Windows Mobile) back in 2009 seems to be coming to fruition. The new browser here is entirely WebKit based, with support for tabs and multitouch.
  • A new, completely revamped media player
  • “Kinetic Scrolling” — that smooth, lift-your-finger-and-it-still-scrolls-a-bit scrolling style that everyone has come to expect — has been implemented system-wide here.
  • The homescreen is now made up of individual, customizable pages. It sounds a bit like Android’s homescreen, though they didn’t see any widgets.
  • BG says this was all shown on a “touchscreen device”. A BlackBerry touchscreen device, in the hands of an “AT&T connect”? Looks like we’ve got something new to look forward to.

For all the minutia and a handful of other screenshots, head over to BGR.