Ride the City bike routing service hits the iPhone

Friends of CG Jordan Anderson and Vaidila Kungys, creators of Ride the City New York just released their first Ride the City iPhone app [download] for NYC. The app, like the service, offers safe bike routes through New York and is based on the OpenStreetMap project. It costs $1.99.

To use it, you simply enter your start and end points and then follow the route. The map takes into consideration low-traffic roads as well as dedicated bike lanes to get you from point A to a Russian bath house in the East Village.

It also works on the iPad, but it will be hard to keep one hand free to signal when you’re lugging your slate around.

Some points from their announcement:

As on the website, the iPhone app steers you toward routes that maximize the use of bike lanes, bike paths, greenways, and other bike-friendly streets. Routes avoid high-traffic streets and steep climbs.
You can select your preferred route sensitivity: direct, safe, or safer. Or you can change them on the fly.
The directions are displayed on the map with an easy-to-read scrollable screen – perfect for double-checking your trip when taking a break.
Find the nearest bike shops (and get directions to one) with just one touch.
We’ve placed a Report an Error button prominently on the map so you can provide instant feedback to report a mistake on the map or to suggest a better way around.
As on the website, Ride the City utilizes a CloudMade basemap that is sourced from OpenStreetMap, the volunteer community mapping project that is making a free map of the world.

The app was built by developers at Door3.