iPhone OS 4.0 to have Facebook Contact and Event Integration?

Amid the flurry of news surrounding the next-gen iPhone revelations, another little tidbit of information about iPhone OS 4.0 has made it’s way out: it seems that Facebook contact and event integration may be a new system feature.

While this may not be a new concept for the Android and WebOS devout among us, it is one that the iPhone could really benefit from.

Having contacts linked to Facebook means that your phonebook is automatically updated whenever your contacts update any of their numbers. As long as your contact keeps their Facebook details up-to-date, you never have to worry about losing that number again, Rikki. Or Milli, for that matter.

Calendar Integration with Facebook events will also be a boon for the socialites, as Facebook Events are becoming an ever more popular way to organise, promote, and prepare for keg parties.

Apple Insider last week noted the existence of a “linked contacts” feature in iPhone OS 4.0, which ties in nicely with the newly discovered Facebook integration, but it seems that it was a nail gun safety blog entitled Gunning For Safety that broke the news of the system-level integration with Facebook. They have the evidence and reasoning behind it on their website, as well as some statistics on nail gun related injuries. So, whaddaya waiting for?

[via Engadget]