The haptic hoo-haa ultrasound trainer

Dude. This is great. It’s essentially a haptic trans-hoo-haa ultrasound simulator that teaches doctors how to perform an internal examination using an ultrasound wand. The greatest thing is that it offers haptic feedback so you can tell how hard to push in various situations. If video games have taught me anything, your accuracy and speed increases when you use haptics!

Each module is broken down into easy-to-follow tutorials and assignments designed to teach the trainee in an ‘immersive’ interactive learning experience, where they are given the freedom to learn by trial and error.
ScanTrainer’s replica ultrasound probe is attached to a force-feedback (haptic) device, which enables the trainee to navigate around a virtual patient’s anatomy. As the probe is moved, the display shows the progress of the beam in the patient’s anatomy, side by side with corresponding ultrasound images that have been generated during real-time scanning. ScanTrainer replicates the real-time physical feedback of probe manipulation and contact with a patient, allowing trainees to develop the necessary manual dexterity and eye-hand coordination.

Click through for a video, which could, potentially, be NSFW if your boss has good eyes and a knowledge of female anatomy.