The G-Mate Gun Overlord – Real or Fake?

We’re not entirely sure this thing exists in real life. The G-mate Gun Overlord just seems a bit too glorious. Even the video after the jump isn’t enough proof. If it is real though, watch out, it could be awesome. Unless of course it’s not and actually really lame.

It’s really the specs that sparked our concerns.

  • Support all the new version first-person shooter (FPS), such as Call of Duty 6, Far Cry 2, Dragon, etc.
  • Support for PC, XBOX360, PS3, get rid of the constraints of joypad
  • Compatible with all operating systems (Windows2000, Windows XP,, Vista, Linux, Mac)
  • No driver needed
  • Plug and play, no need driver
  • No need to install the bar receive next to the screen
  • No need screen size calibration

So basically this thing will work on every computer or gaming system without question. It doesn’t matter if it’s Linux, OS X, a PS 3, just plug in the gun and it will work without a sensor bar of screen calibration. It clearly says “no driver needed.” Call us crazy, but that doesn’t seem possible. Oh, and it only costs $73. Your take? [G-Mate via Red Ferret]