Dell's 7- and 10-inch tablets appear right on schedule

It looks like Dell has been quietly toiling away at a whole family of tablets and not just the 5-inch Streak shown off post-CES 2010. There are 7- and 10-inch version in the works, too. It’s not actually a surprise per se as we doubt anyone really believed that Dell’s only tablet offering would be a small 5-inch guy.

There doesn’t seem to be anything out of the ordinary concerning these two unannounced models. They will likely run Android just like the 5-inch model and priced competitively. We hear that the the 7-inch model will hit late this year with the 10-incher dropping sometime early next.

Now that the iPad buzz has died down a bit, we’ll likely see other manufacturers tablet plans hit the Internet in a sort of “don’t forget about me” showing.