Crytek 'working closely' with Microsoft, Sony re: motion controls

Pretty sure Crytek, of Crysis fame, is usually associated with blazing fast graphics cards and extreme edition processors, so color me surprised to see it embracing Microsoft’s Project Natal and Sony’s Move. Surprised and disappointed, to be exact—I shan’t be participating in this motion control business, that’s for sure.

Right, so Cevat Yerli, the Crytek CEO, said that they’re “working very closely with Sony and Microsoft in regards to motion control on both the PS3 and Xbox 360.” Want more info? Sorry, for “that’s as much as NDA allows [Crytek] to say right now.”

All of this hubbub stems from the recent registration of a name and logo in the UK for something called “Self Defense.” Word on the street, and I have no idea where this street can be found, is that “Self Defense” has to do with motion control.

Mouse and keyboard till I die, etc.