Review: Koi Cheese Flavored Japanese Doritos

So J-List sent me a box of stuff including some (good God) onacups [NSFW]. While I’m debating whether to “review” those devices, I’d like to tell you about Japanese Doritos.

Basically these are heart-shaped Doritos. The weird thing is that they’re thicker than American Doritos and actually have an odd, sweet taste that is not unpleasant. Unlike the Japanese Kit-Kats J-List sent me, these things are actually edible.

The sad thing is they only come in small, $2.20 bags, enough for maybe two people to share and one American to hork down like a rabid wolfpig. In Japan the bag would be big enough for an entire grade school class.

Generally I’m OK with these and they’re worth sticking into your shopping cart if you’re shopping at J-List for Flip Holes and want to round out your order.

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