Blizzard selling World of Warcraft mounts now

Yup, Blizzard is selling World of Warcraft mounts now. Two of them have just gone live on their little online store there, Celestial Steed and Lil’XT. The former is $25 and the latter is $10.

I already wrote a rambling thing about Blizzard selling in-game items, so I’m not about to do it again. The gist of the argument, if you can even call it an argument, is that I don’t mind if Blizzard sells cosmetic items, but they have to be cosmetic. If you can buy some crazy powerful sword or dagger or stave, well, that’s Not Good.

Now, I shan’t be buying any such cosmetic items, but that’s just because I’m viciously anti-microtransactions.

The Steed does look pretty cool, though, I’ll give them that.