Vaja now doing iPad cases, pretty but expensive [UPDATE: BUYER BEWARE]

UPDATE: You may want to avoid these cases. Click here for one buyer’s horror story.

Vaja knows how to make good looking gadget cases. Case in point, the Sony VAIO P Vaja case. That case alone make me want the overpriced and underpowered VAIO P. The same thing goes for the Vaja iPad cases. I almost want to get an iPad just so I can get that blue and white case.

But these things are pricey. You see, Vaja uses good leather and makes everything by hand. That’s an expensive combo. The blue and white one I like costs $170 and that’s an inexpensive one. There are a few that cost even more and one with a girly design featuring Swarovski crystals that costs $350.

Your call. Either you can spend $200 on an iPad case or feed your family for the month.