FreePlay ZipCharge wants to be your supercharger

FreePlay’s ZipCharge claims to be the perfect device to grab and go when you need to charge your device. The gimmick is that you can quick charge your device and provide whatever you’re charging with enough to run all day.

The ZipCharge’s claim to fame is that you plug it into the wall and charge it up (and it doesn’t take long to do that either), and then plug it into your device when it’s needed. The company claims that connecting the ZipCharge to your mobile phone for 60 seconds will give you a talk time charge of 15 minutes, or 8 hours on standby. No word on if the device will melt the charge port on your phone. Details on exactly how the ZipCharge works are quite scarce, but it is compatible with USB 2.0, and comes with extra connections so it should work with almost any device. While the ZipCharge isn’t available in the US as of yet, you can pick it up in the UK for £49.95.

[via Gizmodo]