The Microsoft Arc keyboard is now available in a pleasant white/lime theme

Fun fact: I’m typing this post on the black Microsoft Arc keyboard! I just bought the black version from Best Buy and like it good enough. But maybe black isn’t your thing. Or you gave up shopping at Best Buy which was previously the Arc keyboard’s exclusive retailer. Well then, I have good news, friends. Amazon will soon offer the Arc keyboard in a white and lime.

As you can clearly see the top of the keyboard is done up in a nice matte-white scheme while the bottom painted bright lime green. The keys are also labeled with the same lime color.

So how do I like the black one? Well, I’m glad you asked. So far the only issue I have with it is that the shift key seems to stick or I’m just typing wrong. For example, when I type a capitalized word, the first two letters get capitalized. LIke this. ANd this. OR this. Maybe I’m doing it wrong, but I’ve never had this issue with other keyboard and I’m really not a fast typer – maybe 80 wpm when I’m cruising.

Other than than that, I love the form factor and am learning to deal with the capitalization thing because of how nice the small footprint works on my desk. The keyboard also has really sticky rubber feet that cause it to grip to my desk like no other keyboard has. It simple doesn’t move when I’m typing and that’s surprising seeing as it doesn’t weigh much more than my Droid.

So yeah, I would totally recommend this thing for both the serious and causal user. It has great tactical feedback, an ergonomic-enough design, and a tiny footprint. I even like it better than Apple’s small wireless keyboard. (look for a full comparison soon) Now you have your choice between black on black and lime on white. Nice.