Sharp unveils glasses-free 3D display for ebook readers, tablets

It was just a matter of time, but now Sharp has unveiled a 10.6-inch display [JP], which is 3D, can be used without glasses and is suitable for e-book readers, tablet PCs and digital photo frames. Just like with the 3D TV the company showed today, technical details are relatively scarce (both devices were publicly shown for the first time today).

What we do know is that Sharp’s LCD is still in prototype stage, an LCD, a touchscreen, and that users can make the display switch between 2D and 3D images by the push of a button. Technically, it’s probably based on the “Mobile 3D Display” Sharp unveiled for portable devices ten days ago. Just like with that 3.4-inch model, Sharp claims their 10.6-inch 3D screen is extremely thin.

But in contrast to the 3D TV the company presented today, Sharp didn’t give any details as to when they’ll be able to mass-produce the new 3D display (the TV will be released in Japan in the summer, with the rest of the world following this year). We’ll keep you posted.

Via IT Media [JP]