Motorola outs a 3D set-top box built for the future

3D TV is still really new. So new that there are some major hurdles to be crossed but this new set-top box from Motorola takes care of one of them. It brings the 3D content control into the set-top box rather than simply passing along the 3D signal to the TV. The advantage here is that all the menus and on-screen information will be displayed in a 3D-friendly format. That’s not the case right now.

Right now cable set-top boxes pass along the 3D content to the TV just fine but not anything else. This new box automatically detects the 3D content and makes it seemless to switch to a 2D station.

No word on when this new box will be rolled out by cable providers, but chances are it won’t be for a while and will probably be related to the amount of 3D content available. There would be no need for a provider to purchase tens of thousands of these boxes if there are only two or three 3D stations available and the 3D TV penetration levels are minute.