Video Review: Belkin Play Max Wireless-N Router

Setting up a router should be the easiest part of your day. There is no reason the average person needs to think about SSIDs, WPA, and pre-shared keys. Thankfully, folks like Belkin are looking out for us morons.

Their new line of routers feature four step set-up as well as a little card containing everything you need to know about your router on one card. You plug it into the cable modem or DSL box, plug the router into the wall, and select your wireless network. That’s literally all you need to worry about.

Granted this is nothing new and any sane person would be able to install a wireless networking device, but Belkin’s zero set-up system is quite handy.

In terms of speed this $129 router runs at N+N, which means it can support two N streams at the same time, one for video, say, and the other for web browsing. It has a theoretical speed of 300Mbps but in practice you’ll see considerably less. However, the router offered nice whole-home coverage and the dual access points will help speed up the network load considerably.

Regardless, it’s a great router for the non-technically inclined and the extra features – including torrent downloading support and some media utilities included on the install disk – are just the icing to a strong cake.

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Video music by Bacalao.