PS3 owner gets $130 rebate because of Linux removal

Y’all know that Sony killed Linux support on the PS3 with the latest firmware update (and had previously killed it with the introduction of the PS3 Slim), yes? Yes. A European PS3 owner has received a £84.00 (around $130) rebate from Amazon for removing support for the free and open source operating system. Win~!

The user, who’s an admin on the ever-popular NeoGAF message board, brought the issue—Sony’s removal of Linux support—to Amazon, citing EU regulations. Sony had sold the original PS3 touting its support for Linux. When the company killed said support, it ended up running afoul of EU regulations, at least in Amazon’s estimation.

We are writing to confirm that we have processed your refund in the amount of £84.00 for your Order 666-5327564-4432412.
Item Refund: £71.49
Item Tax Refund: £12.51
This refund is for the following item(s):
Item: Sony PlayStation 3 Console (60GB Premium Version)
Quantity: 1
ASIN: B0007SV734
Reason for refund: Account adjustment
The following is the breakdown of your refund for this item

So, bam, $130 rebate.

Truly a victory for the little guy.