Only one game per matchday will be in 3D during the World Cup

More info on Sony and FIFA‘s plan to bring us the World Cup in 3D. It turns out that Sony will only film one game per matchday in 3D. That’s for all 25 days of the tournament, so if multiple games are played on the same day only one game, presumably the highest profile, will get the 3D treatment.

I can only assume that these 3D games will air here in the U.S. on ESPN 3D, which should launch just in time for the tournament.

Different places will have different setups. In the UK, fans of the Three Lions will be able to see the 3D games in theaters and “five other entertainment venues” around the country.

The very first game of the tournament, hosts South Africa against Mexico, will be in 3D. I look forward to seeing Guillermo Ochoa’s hair in 3D. Well, provided I can find a place to watch the game in 3D.

I sincerely hope the likes of Sony or FIFA or Samsung or whomever sponsor some sort of 3D World Cup Thing for fans in the U.S. Put the games in theaters, set up little “World Cup in 3D” stations in Best Buys, etc. No one cared about high definition until they saw sports on it, and I imagine 3D will be the same.

UPDATE I’ve pasted the full 3D fixture list here for your perusal. See if your favorite team made the cut! Only one USA game will be in 3D (provided the team doesn’t advance into the tournament’s latter stages), the June 18 Group Stage match against Slovenia.

1. June 11 16:00 RSA-MEX
2. June 12 16:00 ARG-NGA
3. June 13 20:30 GER-AUS
4. June 14 13:30 NED-DEN
5. June 15 20:30 BRA-PRK
6. June 16 16:00 ESP-SUI
7. June 17 13:30 ARG-KOR
8. June 18 16:00 SVN-USA
9. June 19 13:30 NED-JPN
10. June 20 20:30 BRA-CIV
11. June 21 20:30 ESP-HON
12. June 22 20:30 NGA-KOR
13. June 23 20:30 GHA-GER
14. June 24 16:00 SVK-ITA
15. June 25 16:00 POR-BRA
16. June 27 20:30 1st B-2nd A
17. June 28 16:00 1st E-2nd F
18. June 28 20:30 1st G-2nd H
19. July 2 20:30 Quarter-final
20. July 3 16:00 Quarter-final
21. July 3 20:30 Quarter-final
22. July 6 20:30 Semi-final
23. July 7 20:30 Semi-final
24. July 10 20:30 3rd place match
25. July 11 20:30 Final