Debunk: No, iPhone OS 4.0 Beta isn't jailbroken.. yet.

This’ll be a quick one, because we want to nip this little rumor in the bud before it takes off.

A handful of blogs around the vast Internets are reporting that the just released iPhone OS 4.0 Beta has already been hacked to pieces, with a jailbreak solution already being discovered. This is inaccurate.

The truth: it’s all just a bit of miscommunication. When asked (via Twitter) when he would start working on a 4.0 jailbreak, well known iPhone hacker ih8sn0w responded “I already have. :)” Short story shorter, this was misinterpreted as “I’ve already jailbroken it” rather than “I’ve already started”, blog posts were written, and the rest is history.

While iH8Snow is working on a jailbreak and thinks its possible, they haven’t discovered any way in just yet.

Update: But now it has! It’s an entirely different team and it doesn’t look like they’re releasing it any time soon, but the first proof of an iPhone OS 4.0 Beta 1 jailbreak has emerged.