CrunchRumor: Alienware M11x to get updated Nvidia chipset?

One question that has come up ever since the M11x was released was why didn’t Alienware use the Nvidia Optimus chipset. The chipset that Alienware did use makes switching between the integrated and discreet graphics rather awkward and jarring, and a less then ideal user experience. Well, the rumor rattling around the pipes today is that the M11x may be getting a refresh this summer, and that new chipset may be coming our way.

While it’s a little earlier in the M11x’s life cycle then most, a refresh would be a good thing. In our review of the M11x, one of the few complaints that Devin had was the interruption whenever switching modes. The Optimus chipset would solve this problem of course, and you kind of have to ask yourself why Alienware didn’t use the Optimus from the beginning. There’s also rumors that the new Intuit processor will be added to the product line as well, but again nothing definite. Dell has yet to comment on these rumors, but I think it would be a good move for the manufacturer.

[via Gizmodo]