Upcoming Live Blogs: Apple's iPhone OS 4 tomorrow, Microsoft's Project Pink on 4/12

Start the countdown, folks. Tomorrow at 10 A.M. sharp, Apple will finally be dropping the curtain on iPhone OS 4.0 – and we’ll be there, reporting live. We’ll get to the ol’ Infinite Loop bright and early, armed to the teeth with laptops, cameras, an array of 3G USB dongles, and all the other gear necessary to bring you the best liveblog around.

The event starts at 10 A.M Pacific, though we’ll probably fire up the live blog a bit early to bring you commentary and images from the front line.

Can’t get enough of the live blog goodness? Be sure to tune in on Monday, April 12th at 10 A.M, when Microsoft is expected to announce whatever it is they’ve been working on with Project Pink. It’s gonna be a fun few days – be sure to tune it for all of it!