HTC Incredible coming April 29th? Looks like it

For all of you folks who were left disappointed after Verizon’s deafening silence regarded the HTC Incredible at CTIA : start smiling.

Earlier today, the above image from an internal Verizon e-mail started circulating. “New devices coming really soon!”, it promised. Now, it would have probably been safe to assume that included the Incredible – but assumptions are for chumps. Fortunately, something a bit more concrete has just leaked out.

Unearthed by those crazy chaps over at AndroidAndMe, the slide down below is purported to be ripped straight from a Best Buy Mobile presentation.

Smack dab in the middle of the page, right under “New Device Launches”, it reads “HTC Incredible: 4/29”. Also mentioned are the Samsung Reality on 4/22 and the LG Cosmos on 4/25, both of which are QWERTY messaging featurephones. Also mentioned for the 25th is the “LG 5600PP”, but we don’t have a dang clue what that is.

So, what say you, VZW fans: excited yet?