The Nexus One car dock is finally pictured [Update: And on sale!]

Boy have we been waiting for this one — since January 14, actually. As it turns out, too, the backside of the dock we spied a few weeks back is actually the official dock. But it just doesn’t hold the phone in place, it also has built-in speakers, volume controls, and the goods need to charge the Nexus One. That’s pretty much everything we wanted. It even auto-launches the Car Home app upon docking the phone in place.

Just like other car docks, this one can mount to either the windshield or a plastic disc that can be attached to the car’s dash. Put away your credit card though, you can’t order one yet. Even if you could, some might pause at the dock’s $55 price tag. That’s a bit steep even if it is the best looking and most feature-filled dock on the market.

Update: It just hit the virtual shelves of Google’s web store. Go go gadget credit card!

[Nexus One Help via Android and Me]