Bebo's Michael Birch and MyDeco's Brent Hoberman to hit #GeeknRolla, London, April 20

Bebo co-founder Michael Birch has confirmed that he will be joining us at GeeknRolla in London on April 20, the annual London conference for technology startups to launch, network with investors and talk about how they build themselves.

Michael Birch is the Co-founder of Bebo and Birthday Alarm. Birch was raised in North London, England, went to Imperial College, London in Central London, worked in West London and moved to San Francisco in 2002. Michael and his wife Xochi Birch sold Bebo to AOL in March 2008 for $850 million. Since then he has gone on to invest in many other startups and is a champion of the UK/Euorpean tech scene from his bases in the UK and the US.

Anyone who has seen Birch speak will know he tells it like it is. His appearance at GeeknRolla is not to be missed.

Birch is just the latest to join the start-studded line-up of investors and experienced startup founders at GeeknRolla. Our full speaker programme is here.

Our speakers and panelists will also include Brent Hoberman, MyDeco & PROFounders; Reshma Sohoni, Seedcamp; Mattias Ljungman, Atomico Ventures; Lukas Gadowski, Team Europe; Anil Hansjee, Google; Daniel Heaf, 4IP; Ari Wegter, LoveFilm Co-Founder, Stefan Glaenzer, Angel investor; and Alicia Navarro, Co Founder, Skimlinks.

In addition to Birch, Tommy Ahlers, founder of ZYB which was acquired by Vodafone for €31.5m in 2008 – will be keynoting. He’ll be joined by Morten Lund, early backer of Skype and now CEO of Everbread.

This year’s GeeknRolla in London on April 20 will, in a word, be awesome. Grab a ticket!

We’ll be launching around 15 startups in front of a panel of around 18 judges. (The deadline to enter your startup to launch has now passed).

Startups can also purchase an affordable DemoPit to demo their products.

I’d strongly advise you get a ticket. Last year we more than sold out.

Btw, why “GeeknRolla” I hear you ask? Here’s why.