How can we make MobileCrunch better for you?

So here’s the deal. MobileCrunch is doing well. Like really, really well. February was our biggest month ever, and then March went and made February look silly.

That makes the people upstairs happy – and when they’re happy, we’re all happy, because we get to make improvements.

So we turn to you, dear reader, and ask: What do you want from us?

We think we’ve got a pretty good idea of what you guys like at this point, but we wanted to take a minute to lend an open ear and let you all know that we’re always open to suggestions. Will we go and make all of them a reality right this second? No. Last time we tried to do that someone suggested “Free Cookie Friday” and that just got expensive and overwhelming and I burned myself. But we’ll do our damnedest to take it all to heart.

Some of the stuff we’re looking to roll out with haste:

  • More content! You guys seem to like reading our non-sense for some reason or another, so we want to bring you more of it. We’re bringing on a new writer really soon to help keep the posts a-flowin’, and we’re shifting our schedules a bit to keep things constant throughout the day. Stay tuned.
  • A brand new section of the site that reaches outside of the news side of things. This may take a few weeks, but it’ll make your life easier. I hope. Or, at least, I hope it won’t make it harder.
  • Contests! We used to do waaay more contests – then we got distracted with, you know, actually working and getting stuff done and all that. You guys like free stuff and we like rewarding you for being super rad, so we’ll try to get you guys some hook-ups soon.
  • Proper tagging system. It’s not a big change, but its something we should have done ages ago.
  • Ways to better connect the writers and the readers. We’re good people. You guys seem like good people. Lets be friends and slay dragons. Or at least geek out on cell phones.

Some stuff I’m curious about:

  • Video: I like video, but shooting one video takes a whole lot more time than writing one post does. Is it worth it? Do you guys want to see my sweet, pasty face all up on MobileCrunch? Maybe a weekend video podcast summarizing the weeks mobile news with a dash of banter and a pinch of snark?
  • Feature phones: How many of you care about them? I try to keep feature phone coverage to a minimum and stick to mostly the smartphone side of things, primarily because I assume (from the post view numbers) that our audience doesn’t really give a hoot about LG’s latest messaging phone.
  • How are the lengths of our posts? Too wordy? Too short?

That’s all. Feel free to answer all, some, or none of these — just spill whatever is on your mind. “Holler at your boy”, or what have you.