FTW! Break Easter eggs on your iPhone

[Croatia] With Easter only days away and with it the tradition of egg tapping or egg fighting, the 1337bit team have taken it upon themselves to revive this traditional kids game on – yes, you’ve guessed it – the iPhone.

EggsEggsEggs, which costs $0.99 from the App Store, lets you choose an egg and swing it using the iPhone’s accelerometer. The harder you swing, the better the results.

In single player “skill mode”, you test your strength and try to get the highest score. In two player “duel” mode, you search for an opponent using Bluetooth or the EggsEggsEggs online service (which is free) and start an egg fight. The goal is to break your opponent’s egg before they break yours.

However, this isn’t egg fighting as your parents know it. Players can pick one of many colorful and quite wacky eggs such as Fossils havoc, Poseidon, and even a Ninja! They all have different stats and features. While you might have a hard egg that can inflict plenty of damage, if the shell’s resistance isn’t high enough it will break if you swing too hard.

EggsEggsEggs might not seem as cool as some of the racing and FPS games we’ve seen lately on the iPhone, but it’s very addictive and takes minutes to play. When you win a duel, you win your opponent’s egg, but you can lose it just as easily. If you lose too many eggs you can buy more in the integrated shop.

This is 1337bit’s first iPhone game, although members of the team have developed iPhone applications before. With Easter in just a couple of days, EggsEggsEggs could prove a hit with casual gamers on the iPhone. Just try not to break your iPhone while breaking some eggs… eggs… eggs.